As early as 1899, the Manufacture launched its first pocket chronograph and one year later won the Gold medal at the Paris Universal Exposition World’s Fair. It was in 1911 that it definitively adopted the name of Zenith, a term referring to the highest point in the sky and symbolizes the level of excellence that the brand with the guiding star has never ceased to pursue. During that same period and through to the 1960’s, Zenith developed the onboard instruments equipping aircraft, cars, trains and lorries, thereby accompanying some of the finest conquests such as Louis Bleriot’s first airborne Channel crossing in 1909. In parallel, the manufacture with the guiding star shone in chronometry competitions, winning no less than 2,333 prizes between 1903 and the late 1960’s – the golden age of chronometers, a tally making it the most titled brand of all time.